How to rebuild in Solidworks API

I am new to Solidworks API. I just made my first API from the Video tutorial.
After creating the API, I used to change the extrude boss depth. but it won't rebuild automatically.It rebuilds only after closing the API window and click the rebuild icon.
I want to make it automatically as shown in this video. Please help me.

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2 Answers

In the video is very clear ... you might not be appropriate to install the API, C + + ..?

for more details you can go to the forum at this link .. # Pg0

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You can use IModelDoc2::EditRebuild3 to perform a rebuild of only features that need rebuilding, and IModelDoc2::ForceRebuild3 to perform a full rebuild of the feature tree.

If you're new to the SolidWorks API, you can watch free, beginner-friendly tutorials at

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