How to render like this??

I want to render a component on top of the drawfting of the component, and maybe create 3d model of paper rolls, and wrap drafting around it.
Do you know some tutorials on this?
I am going to use keyshot a think.

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Here we go.....

I am telling with regards to KEYSHOT

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hello. First i hope you will excuse my poor english.
I did something like that some years ago (please, see renderings attached).
I don't remember exactly what software i used for the modelling, but it was with 3ds max that i made the renderings. This project was a sculpture that was never carried out. I don't remember much details about it, i only kept this renderings with me, and by the way, i'm not the sculptor, i made only the computer model and the renderings. The model is scaled 1:10 and the drawing sheet is DIN A3 scaled 1:1, a simple plane with planar mapping.
Sorry, i don't know Keyshot software. If it is useful for you i can give some more information. You can try also looking for tutorials about UV mapping and texture (or bitmap) wrapping. Ah, with regard to the first image you submit, i don't know anyone who draws the both sides of a sheet :)
Best regards.

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