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How to replace solid face with surface face?

By David Keating on 24 Nov 01:20 2 answers 2 comments

How am I able to transfer a curved surface face onto a sloped solid face in solidworks? I am designing the sole to a shoe and need the top face to be 3-dimensional but am not able to transfer my face onto the solid part already created. appreciate any help given please see picture for reference.

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2 answers

  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg almost 3 years ago

    My understanding of the problem is that you want to use the surface you created as the top surface of your solid. I would have started my model a little differently but with what you have here is how I would achieve what you are looking for.
    Here is a link to video of me doing it.
    These commands are not on the standard feature ribbon by default and you can add them if you use them a lot, or do like I did and just use the command finder search bar.

    Answered with a tutorial:

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