How to resolve the problem of loading acadres.dll file in AutoCAD 2017?

I'm unable to open AutoCAD 2017 Student version in my laptop. It is clearly denying to open it and just says that "Problem loading acadres.dll resource file".

1 Answer


When you run AutoCAD, you get an acadres.dll error.

To solve this problem: •Uninstall the program.
•Uninstall the Microsoft C++ Redistributables on the system.
•Uninstall NET (if using Windows 7).
•Uninstall all AutoCAD vertical products of the affected version
•Re-Install the program and this time use the product installer downloaded via 'Browser Download', 'Download Now' or from Virtual Agent.
Note: you may also need to delete AutoCAD related registry keys, for example for AutoCAD 2017 vertical products, registry keys would be:



You may find it helpful to use the Microsoft Fix-It tool to assure that all AutoCAD components have been removed: