How to rotate all propellers at same time ?

I made a quadcopter with four propellers. Is there any possible way to rotate all the propellers by rotating one?
I use SolidWorks 2015.

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3 Answers

You could mate a reference plane in each prop back to the driving prop. Parallel or Perpendicular should work fine.
I think for it to work best, you'll want the reference plane to be in the center of the prop's hub.

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Or a gear mate under 'mechanical mates' should do it too.

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You could try one of several 'Component Pattern' features to insert the four props in the top-level assembly. A 'Pattern Driven Component Pattern' would work If there is a driving feature you can reference in a part or sub-assembly. You could create a dedicated reference sketch and insert the four props with a 'Sketch Driven Component Pattern' or even a 'Circular Component Pattern'. In any of these cases the props will all rotate together.

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