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how to rotate part model in creo ?

By Mahesh Prasad on 11 Mar 08:34 7 answers 1339 views 0 comments

is there any shortcut keys for rotating a part model in creo.Help me to fix this problem

7 answers

  • krishna kanth
    krishna kanth 5 months ago

    Just try the below steps
    1. Go to view
    2. Choose the orientation and select the orient mode
    3. Click on pan zoom
    U can see orientation dialog box. Increase or decrease the level on rotating symbol of “H”, “V” and ”c”

  • Mahesh Prasad
    Mahesh Prasad 6 months ago

    I already saw that video. shortcut keys which are combined with mouse buttons and ctrl buttons are not working

  • Mahesh Prasad
    Mahesh Prasad 5 months ago

    there is no scroll button. how can we assign the keys to them
    can you please help

  • dread
    dread about 1 month ago far i know there isn't ay key to rotate the part/assembly but u can map keys for the orientations so that u can Switch view...and it's easy

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