How to rotate solidworks file in solid edge ST4 ?

When we open solidworks file in solidedge whether it is part or assembly it gets rotated due to difference in co-ordinate system of both softwares.

request you to please let me know any help on the same.

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2 Answers

Yes !.. this is a large problem ..that when we open a solid-edge part in solid works or vise-verse. it will rotated..
In my point of view. this is because the top plane of solid-edge is X-Y Plane. And in solid-works, the top plane is X-Z Plane.
so when we open a part in other software it will rotated.

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well; here is a method to do that.
Make a co-ordinate system with respect to solid-edge co-ordinate system.
Then save the model as parasold or IGES, and select the new coordinate system in options.
So; when you open that saved file; you will find that your model is correctly positioned.!

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