how to run keyshot realview in solidworks 2016

I recently downloaded solidworks 2016 and I have a Geforce gt 1030 graphics card, I have no way to run realview in solidworks.

I wonder if the keyshot would be disqualified if the version had the ability to render the models in the keyshot to look as realistic as possible if they had a realview in the keyshot with this graphic card.

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PV360 should be in your SolidWorks as an add-in. it uses your processor cores to render not your graphics card. you should be able to make photorealistic renders. Real View just makes your working models more realistic but most don't use this. it only slows things down when you are modeling. the only time I have found it useful is when working with complex surfaces just to check continuity (similar to using zebra stripes or curvature) or when I don't want to take the time to render a model and just want a nice screen shot. but then I turn if off as soon as I don't need it.

I think Keyshot should work - A long time ago I used in on my miniMac with an i5 and no graphics card.

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Real view runs on Quadro based cards. You can check the SolidWorks website for a list of compatible hardware.

There are some hacks that can sometimes be done tr trick the PC into thinking a GeForce card is a Quadro.

Keyshot is a completely different program from SolidWorks. Keyshot is CPU based, so it should work fine with nearly any graphics card.

It is just my opinion, but you are not missing anything by not having real view enabled.

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You can link the two that u can switch easily. but I don't think there is a way to view keyshot graphics in SolidWorks.

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