How to set viewports in Autocad?

setting viewports, what is procedure?

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First step is to launch the command from the View Menu -> Viewports -> New viewports or from the Command Line: _vports.Once the Viewports window is open,you have to give it a name,then you have to choose from the menu how many viewports you want(Single,Two,Three,etc.,Vertical,Horizontal),set up it for 2D/3D,set a visual style(2D Wireframe,Realistic,Conceptual,etc.) and if you have named views(e.g Custom Views created from the View Menu -> Named Views),you can choose one of this views for your viewport configuration.

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Dear lvan,
viewport command better to use in model space for proper layout of drawing.

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Of course, using viewports generally means you have a layout setup with a title block, etc. Thus if you have a drawing in your model space that you want to display on your title block, the only way to get it there is using a viewport.
So, go to your layout, click on your viewport icon surround your drawing to be displayed. There's a lot to know about it to get proper scale for any given sheet size and scale setting. If you need a title block with scales and dimension styles already set up, let me know, and I'll send you a great one I inherited and have been using and adding to for years. :) Note: you can also convert a polyline or any shape to a viewport. Very handy if you have limited paper space and don't want to overlap anything.

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