How to stop automatic creation of geometric set in part design?

Whenever offsetting a plane, the plane is created in a new geometric set. How to stop this and create the offset plane in the part body itself?

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I you want wireframe in the partbody you have to enable the hybriddesign. Here you can " mix" wireframe and volumes.
Geometrical sets will give your wireframe structure. Many companies do not allow hybriddesign, so you should think twice, if you want to use this modeling strategie.

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as u start new file in catia , it asks ---create Geometric set-just uncheck that box

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this is what happens when i try to offset a plane... while starting the part design, create geometrical set was unchecked.. i also disabled create a geometrical set in infrastructure options.. but still this happens...

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go to tool-option-infrastructure-part infra-part document-disable d create geometrical set....

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