How to study the action of one force using the Dynamic Simulation ?

Hi, I'm an engineering student and I never dynamic simulation in my life, I'm trying to learn how to do this in Inventor or Ansys, but I'm too much trouble.

I am developing a project using the Dynamic Simulation Autodesk Inventor, where the goal is to make a shaft covered with rubber, rotate and hold a golf ball through the force of friction between the rubber and the ball.
I want to modify parameters such as speed, height, diameter and material of rubber and study the influence of each parameter in order to arrive at the best model that will hold the ball more effectively. Can anyone help me?

I can send the Inventor drawings by email to you visualize if necessary.

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Good morning,

My advice, beside of external support, to try your self ANSYS AUTODYN and ANSYS LS Dyna. Both softwares are preinstalled and are include in ANSYS Workbench. I tell you this because now is the moment to interact more profundity with FEM and analysis, without any trouble and constraints (only the qualitative from project). As the level of principle, your study implicate more knowledge, and from my point of view, if you will not prefer ANSYS try it with Inventor on which to have added module of kinematics.

In rest I want to wish you good luck, and keep in touch.

Best regards.

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