How to upload a render On the "Renderings" tab

Hi, I have doubts about how to upload my first rendering on the "Renderings" tab, i already picked a model and gave a new look for it, but i can´t find the way to upload it

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2 Answers

For now is not possible upload renders and win the RENDER BLENDER BADGE

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The Renderings tab is broken. This means there is no way to obtain the Render Bender badge. You can render 100 of your own models and receive the Render King badge.

If you render a model for someone, the best option now appears to be uploading it to the comments section of the model page. An example is here: diamant

I wanted a method (like the Renderings tab) to keep track of the images I made for others, so I also created a new Project which contains them. If you make your own project for 2D images, make sure to upload at least one 3D model too; otherwise the project does not show up in library search results:

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