How to use a component to remove material in Creo Parametric 2

I have been able to create a component in ProDesktop 8 and use it to remove material from an extruded block in order to make a two-part mould for casting. This video explains how to do it in ProDesktop but I want to do the same in Creo 2 but am a newbie and can't fint a Use Component option or Remove Material box. Any ideas Creo experts?

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You need to be able to use the 'Merge' or 'Cutout' features to get one model to cut out another. I think it may be available in the 'core' license of CREO 2, but quite frankly, I don't use it as it has issues with matching accuracies between part models.

I find it much better to use the 'Copy Geometry' option, but to do this you need additional 'Tool Design Option' license.
Copy Geometry brings in the reference model for cutting as a surface that can be 'solidified' to make the cutout. No matching of accuracies needed.

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When I'm creating parts In the Meanwhile I use revolver option and I would like to use extrude options to that part, remove material in not apply to the part

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You can use Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) 7 or 8 for complete molding solutions.
Also you can watch some video tutorial on youtube by searching ProE mould tutorials.

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