how to use CT Scan for 3D modeling with any software ??

i want to model a human nose ,,,,for this purpose i did CT scans as well as MRI but i am not able to make 3D model with the help of it.......
can an y body tell me about
1- which software
2- which methode

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You can use Mimics.This is a software that generates from your CT scan the full 3D model and you can evaluate it in many ways.

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Anyone looking to convert CT or MRI data to models for 3D modelling might be interested in trying our software - which can generate surface models/meshes, volume meshes and NURBS CAD files from scan data - these can then be exported to CAD, FEA and CFD solvers, and for 3D printing.

Please see for more details and links to a free trial, or email us at if you have specific questions.

Simpleware Ltd.

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hi i tried Osirix on OSX and faild also - if you find a way pls tell me

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Not appropriate but a simple way is to convert the Dicom file to PCD using Image J software....
Afterwards simply process the Data using Rapidform, Solidworks, Geomagic, Rhino or any other software of your own choice

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MIMICS is the guyz can also get tutorials form

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