How to use Emboss Command in NX

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Hi Amit,
Emboss is mainly used on surfaces, you can use an intersecting solid as Michael shows, you can also use a curve or sketch profile.

Answered with a tutorial:

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STEP 1: create your sheet feature.
STEP 2: create a plane offset at a distance
STEP 3: create a sketch on the plane to be embossed
STEP 4: select emboss, and select your face and sketch.
STEP 5: Emboss created

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Attached is an example of an embossed sheet. To use emboss, you need a target sheet body and an intersecting solid. First you are asked to select the sheet body. When you do, take note of the direction arrow, this will be the side the embossed sections attached to. Reverse if necessary. Then select the solid body shape you wish to emboss into the sheet. The result will be a sheet body with the shape of the solid embossed into it.

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