writing text in soildworks or inventor

how can i write a text in arabic in a sketch in solidworks or inventor ??
i try alot of ways but the letters is being Separated !!

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3 Answers

This seems to be a pretty recent tutorial. I have no idea what is being talked about, but after watching the process it does makes sense.

Insert Arabic font:

Installing new fonts:

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Are you able to create the desired text in a program like Word?
If you get different/better results in Word, I'd try to copy/paste the text into solidworks.

Also, it might depend on where you are placing the text. If it is being created as an annotation, I'd expect it to work well.
If the text is being applied for use as a feature, then the "text" tool in sketches seems a little less robust than the editor for annotations.

If the text is being applied as a feature, and nothing else works, you can try to right click the text, and choose the dissolve option. This breaks down the font into a series of sketch elements. It will be a pain in the ass, but you'd be able to trim and space the characters as desired.
Turning each character into a block will help hold it all together.

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