How well does SolidWorks run on a Mac using VMware Fusion?

I've heard mixed comments about running SolidWorks under VMware Fusion on a Mac.

Before I commit to a bigger hard drive, a Windows license, does anyone have any advice, experience or configuration recommendations?

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Andrew: it simply comes down to CPU/RAM resources. VMware is also not taking, if at all, full advantage of your video card. Having a desktop vs laptop will also make a huge difference.

So if running OSX, VMware, Windows, then SW and then open a 5000 modeled Assembly, then yeah, it's not a good idea. It'd be much better to just use bootcamp at that point.

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Let's face it, there is a NEED for Solidworks NATIVE on the mac, and I think a petition should be set up on the net for people to sign so they can show interest in it. The folks at Dassault Systems haven't got a clue yet and they need to be shown.

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My comment will most likely garner some strong reactions, but if you want to use solidworks - get a normal laptop.
The fusion deal works, but i've seen it in action on a 2010 Macbook Pro - it was as slow as on my oldest laptop which i bought almost 6 years ago.

Also, considering Oranges upgrade prices you should have about 400-500 bucks for a good laptop, on which to use solidworks :)

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