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I need basics concepts for GD&T

By boobalan on 14 Mar 16:44 7 answers 3 comments

I have to learn the basic things about GD&T concepts.PLease helpme someone

7 answers

  • Tom Geiss
    Tom Geiss almost 3 years ago

    There are a few good sites online that offer training and good examples:
    - is a good site that offers a lot of really in depth articles describing the GD&T symbols. It is still fairly new but looks promising.
    - also covers a lot of the GD&T terms and appears to have quite an extensive list of all of the symbols.
    - is a great place to ask a lot of professionals about specific questions you have. Searching their forum, you can find just about anything.
    There are also a lot of courses out there but they can be quite expensive (like $500 or so) I would check out the free sources above for information.

  • aneel basha
    aneel basha about 2 years ago

    Hi I need 2d automotive drawings

  • aneel basha
    aneel basha about 2 years ago

    I need basics concepts for GD&T"

  • Mathan Krishnamoorthy
    Mathan Krishnamoorthy 6 months ago

    I am a graduate in mechanical department am working in production field as GAT but am very much interested in design field I did some design courses AutoCad,Creo,Ansys,diploma in Piping and NDT what I do for my design career anyone give some suggestions is this courses enough or I'll do any extra courses

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