I need help in Driveworks.........!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a job interview....for that I should be perfect in Solidworks and Driveworks.......i am good in solidworks but i dont know Driveworks.........Is there aany one who knows Driveworks and teach me.........??????

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Hi Rushi,

Which version of DriveWorks does the company use?

There are 3 versions of DriveWorks (Xpress, Solo and Pro).

Xpress is in every seat of SolidWorks and there are tutorials in the SolidWorks Help file and also on the DriveWorksXpress website (www.driveworksxpress.com). This tool is an entry level tool for design automation which can automate most thing in SolidWorks that can be automated, but it does have its limitations (It is a free tool after all).

Solo is the next level up and contains all of the features which DriveWorks can automate. It is a much easier tool to use and comes with a free 30 day trial and free training when you create a free account. You can get hold of it from the Solo site (www.driveworkssolo.com). They also do free instructor lead training live over the web for 3 hours spread over 3 days which starts today. You can register here: http://www.driveworkssolo.com/index.php/training/online-training.html

If you miss the sessions email either info@driveworks.co.uk or sales@driveworks.co.uk and they will be able to give you a recording of the sessions.

Pro is the next level up from Solo and this product allows for integration in to other systems (EPDM, MS SQL, etc) and allows publishing of User Form and SolidWorks files to the web. You will get more information on the Pro site (www.driveworkspro.com).

If you need to know DriveWorks for an interview I would focus on Solo, but read up on the different features of DriveWorks Pro. http://www.driveworkssolo.com/images/videos/ProductData/driveworks-feature-comparison.pdf

Good luck in your interview :)


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