i want to learn CAD and Ansys.

Any one please give me suggestions to enhance my designing and analyzing skills from the fundamentals.
I am currently using catia and ansys software want to become professional how can i do so by myself, provide me resources that can help me.

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the best practice would be to join coaching institute with a good track record. if you learn on your own there are several things you will learn in wrong way. also, their are books with cd rom material on online like Amazon so you can purchase it. but it lacks advanced techniques even though they mention its advance but its not completely true. best wishes for your learning!!!

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Dear syed ,

you can learn from my tutorials it will have everything and you can text me for any tutorials if required.

Tutorial for Designing Engine case
Conceptual Fighter Aircraft

you can use all files to increase your cad knowledge.

all the best.. cad is easy to learn

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