imported part modification

hello freinds i have an imported part which have an impression ( photo labeled 1) which i must to rotate it equally around an axix to get finally the part in the photo labeled 2
who can help me ?
thank you

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Here is the part you need. I have Solidworks 2016. I am not sure if you can use the file. I have attached the step and the screenshot of the final part and the feature tree.

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By the initial look of it, the operations you may need to perform are.:

1. Cut the "Part 1" to get single component of the one shown in Image 2.

2. Then, you have to use the Move/Rotate feature with "Copy" checked and rotate and merge to get the final part.

A STEP or SLDPRT maybe helpful.

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Should be able to achieve that with the circular pattern feature. after either doing feature recognition and selecting the feature, or by selected faces. may also need to create a circular sketch around the axis as the pattern path.

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