Improvements should be made to tutorials

Having just completed adding my first tutorial to GrabCad, a simple way to just make it simple to attach a pdf document to your tutorial, would be useful. After coming across quite a few gear related questions recently I produced a pdf document, Gear Basics Part 1, the first steps in designing simple gears. Being able to attach a easily downloaded document would be handy with this sort of tutorial. Loading these into a Grabcad tutorial as images text and calculations and formula's is quite messy compared to all the info in one pdf document.

I managed to attach the file sort of to the tutorial but it is not a neat efficient process. i also attached this document to this question, a neat and simple process.

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Adding files to tutorials would be handy.

I would not add my phone numbers to a tutorial. I predict you getting calls from around the world at all hours. Good luck.

Posting a PDF as the tutorial defeats the format of GrabCAD tutorials. It's not necessarily a bad thing. But, it is like the "tutorials" that only provide a URL to a Youtube video.
Maybe it is time to evaluate Tutorials, and have different types? Video style. PDF style. PowerPoint Style. GrabCAD style?
The GrabCAD style is geared towards text, and images. There have been several requests to support inline movies, and animated files as well.

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