Hello Guys ,

I hope everyone here will be doing great, I am stuck in this task plus i am getting problem to design some of the parts so i was hoping if someone can help me out as its for my school and i am close to my deadline , maybe someone here would help me out to do it as Christmas present because all i want for this Christmas is to complete this task,..:D

Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone here.

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Someone might be able to help, but ideally you'd specify what you are stuck on, and upload what work you've already completed.
Are there other people in your class? There was another guy working on a valve, and another guy working on what looked like a vise. Maybe you could all team up and see what you can come up with?

I don't have/use Inventor so I can't help much beyond offering advice if you have specific questions.

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So this is the last answer I will give on this subject. you are all from the same school/class and normally I would not help this much BUT as it is Christmas I will make a exception. you must control the files themselves as I take no responsibility if some thing is wrong or missed.

Happy Christmas

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