Is it possible to move features/folders to different locations within the featuretree?

Can you provide a tutorial please?

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Yes it is, up to certain extent. If a given feature is not depending on a previous feature, (its sketch is not drawn on a surface that was created with the earlier feature, or the sketch of the newer feature has no relations to the sketch or dimensions or the result of an older feature) it can be moved around in the Feature Manager tree by dragging it to the desired location. SolidWorks automatically checks whether the featured you wish moved is not depending somehow on a feature you want to cross over in your design tree. If it is possible, when dragging, a yellow 'return'-arrow will appear at your mouse pointer. If it is not possible to move your featuer to that spot in the FMTree, the yelow arrow will have a red mark accross it, and if you let go of your mouse button the feature will not have moved to that location in the tree.

So: if you want to move a feature in the design tree in SW: make sure its sketch does not contain relations to the earlier feature AND make sure the plane on which the newer feature has been sketched, is not getting passed in the tree. (You cannot draw on a surface that is not there yet!)

Good luck!

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