Is it possible to reduce the size of gearbox more than configure toolbox

I picked a gear from spurbox, used the lowest configurations to get the smallest size possible. However, the lowest diameter I get it is 8cm. Is it possible to edit this toolbox spur gear to be lower in size?

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Are you scaling all the parts of the assembly or just this gear? If you "scale" the model/sketch all the dims will change, while the number or teeth remain the same. Meaning the tooth profile will be smaller, and the pitch will be decreased. If this is the case, they will not properly mesh with existing gears. If you want a smaller gear that fits with the rest, you need to find the diametric pitch of the exciting gear, and spec out a gear with a smaller diameter, but the same pitch.

If you want an off the shelf parts I would recommend looking at websites such as Traceparts.

If you want a custom solution i do have a spur gear generator, but it is in english, so you'd need to convert to/from metric.
Custom Gear Generator, Simplified

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Do you want to preserve the no. of teeth too? Just use the "Scale" feature and resize the model.