Is it possible to show a spraying pattern of a nozzle in SW Flow simulation

I'm new to FloXpress and Flow Simulation and I'm trying to simulated the spraying pattern (full cone) of a spray tip, but I've to add lids for in- and outlet, so I can't see the spraying pattern and that's the most important. I can only see the liquid flow inside the nozzle. Is't possible to simulate a water spurt completely through my model and see the outcome; the spraying pattern?

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Not in that way, no. The calculation domain resides "between" your boundary conditions, simulation will not show you what's going on outside the BC's.

You can try to add a larger open "chamber" that the nozzle spray into, and then inject particles in the fluid. I'm not sure that would work satisfactory though.

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A simple flow simulation of sprayer....... and the spraying pattern

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