is there a program to convert STL and OBJ files to editable solidworks files?

I am using the student version, so i don't have access to anything that solidworks may have made, and I have found little to nothing of help on the internet

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Check the add-in's to see if you can select the "Scan to 3D" option. If so then I'd recommend that as an option. Though I would not call it a real point cloud editing tool it will at least get you something.

If the mesh is too heavy or your computer is having challenges with working with the mesh, use the software MeshLab to reduce the mesh size then bring it in.


You are comparing chalk and cheese.

Solidworks models use an accurate boundary representation of a solid model, it understands it own history, it is parametric and procedural in otherwords each operation like hollow or taper is included in the recipe required to remake the part. The model also contains a Parasolid part file which contains the geometric and topographic model of the part - if you change the recipe ( for instance if you change a hollow offset distance ) then the part needs to be recomputed.

STL files are just facets and usually only approximations - there is no history and no concept of modelling operations never mind a facility to undo or alter parameters.

To even begin to hope to construct a solidworks part from an STL file you would need to be able to reverse engineer or analyse the mesh to decide that this bit here is a cylinder, that but there is a bspline surface and so on. You would then hope to guess at the operations that give rise to these surfaces and so create a procedural history in order to define the operations that could make the part.

At best you would end up with a part with no history.

It can be done - reverse engineering things like facetted meshes can be done but its not for the faint hearted, most people will find it easier to make the part in solidworks.

In general faceted reps will stay as faceted reps and be modelled as faceted reps.

I think there is no software or program to convert STL and OBJ files to editable solidwork files.
But still there is a few way.
1. create surface model from STL or OBJ as reference.
2. use spesific software to edit STL or OBJ file like 3D Max