How do I convert .STEP files into .obj or .stl files?

I want to be able to convert the .STEP filed I download off GrabCad into a more usable file format for my projects, like .obj or .stl.

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You can do that by SolidWorks. It makes me happy to help you. You can send me the STEP file to take a look.

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I had the same problem some of you guys are having I hade no solid works so I couldn't convert STL to sold works or vice versa
Saved me a lot of time to I just paid this guy on fiverr to do it for me Check out the link below
I really hope I helped some of you guys

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On OS-X at least, read STEP/STP in to the free (open source) CAD Assistant ( and use the floppy disk icon on left to save as ply (w/ colors) or obj (w/ mtl). Also check out the cool "Clipping plane" feature (bottom icon on left).

If you want to colorize first, use FreeCAD and, save as STEP w/ color and follow instructions above.

All free & open source.

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You'll need a program that opens the STEP format, and allows for saving/converting in STL or OBJ formats.
Check out Meshlab. I'm pretty sure it is free, and would be able to do the conversion:

I'm glad to see the down vote button is working :)
If Meshlab will not open a STEP file then we should find something that will convert the file into one that Meshlab will open.

Meshlab does some amazing stuff for a free program. Check it out even if it won't help in this instance.

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