Is there anyway to open the 'future version models" in soliworks 2010...?? I can't open the sw2011 models....

Anyone pls answr fr tis...:)

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unfortunately no, SolidWorks is not backwards compatible.
you can ask the source of these file to convert them to step or iges format then you will be able to use them in SW2010.

yep solidworks guys say that in every new version there are more and more features that sometimes cant be translated to earlier versions so newer versions will never be opened by earlier ones.. the only solution would be to use a neutral format..

about the new feature - it's true you said! often that simple does not want to recognize the surface after the transfer to a neutral format!
as I recall, the format of STEP - the only format accepted by the Ministry of Defence of America and the world as a single standard!

Business Solutions is a perennial problem - we are constantly forced to move to a new product!
sorry, but fail to open: / You can use the format transition - step, x_t, igs, and then recognize the surface, so that you can edit the tree!

Its okay.Thank you guys...:)

I think that there are one way is to save it as a parasolid file. Using this way your assembly structure will come clean.

No there is no way to open future version file ,i also faced d same problem

Converting it to the neutral format (like IGES & STEP) is hte only option then open it using any version of Solidworks

I had a similar problem with opening 2015 models on a 2012 Solidworks. I found that exporting your files into Parasolid (*,x_t) format helps.

it's impossible to save file in future version to old,but you can save in iges, stp, step, and import to the old version sw.

Yes. Convert to STEP / IGES