how can i open any solidworks assembly file of 2010 version into solidworks 2009 ?

I dont wanna use step or igs file

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5 Answers

Wel if you don't want to use step or iges you have a problem
SW has a problem of future version...
Can NOT open a 2010 model with SW2009.
Step or Igs is the only way it is possible.

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Saving as a step file is the best, it saves each part out individually and the "assembly" so you can easily reassemble in an earlier SolidWorks version. However, all SolidWorks features and sketches will be lost.

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As Hans said, solidworks have problem with future versions,but you can save as iges or step and after opening file in your desire version , use the features work.but may be your design tree would not be such beauty !!!

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