Is there some tutorial about the Solidworks animation?

I `d like to get some tutorial about Solidworks animatiòn, I want put animation to my models...


Jose Zagala

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3 Answers

Go to Solidworks -> solidworks resources (house icon) -> tutorials ->simulation/evaluation of the design -> Animation

That tutorial let you learn how make an animation (motion study) of your assembly

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Hi Ricardo, sorry I don`t write the correct question I tried with yo say I`d like to get some videos about this

I`am looking for something.

Anyway Thank you so much for the colaboratiòn, I visited your blog and you have amazing proyects, great, you have some planes for practique?

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you can find plenty on youtube, but i must say, with the later SW versions, it has become very difficult (SHITY). Especially when you are used to using FLASH, it just doesnt make much sense and works like crap!

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