Issue with Solidworks 2016

I had an issue using SW2016 on a alienware 14 with windows 10. The warning with low resource kept popping up. this was due to GDI object handling . I ran the SW diagnostics and it reported an issue with the toolbox. I then opened the toolbox to select parts. All the sudden everything is fine.. Just wondering if other users at the same issues. And hoping I can keep running without issues. Thanks

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Hello Andrew,
The first time that I installed SW2016 on win 10, I had many problems (differents)
So I found this solution:
1) You need to uninstall solidworks of your PC and delete all folders with the name Solidworks, look in C: drive (Program Files, Program files (x86),Program Data folder and if you know how to enter to REGEDIT delete all folder with the name of Solidworks.

2)unzip the file that I attached, inside you will find two files, you need to do double click in the file with the name "runbeforeRepair.." and restart your PC.

3)when the PC turns ON, install the program SW2016

4) you double click on the file "runafterRepaird..."

5) and done .

please confirm if you do not have problems after this.


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