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Greetings to all community members.
I have a problem in coloring the edges of the cross section. How can i solve the problem?
I prepare my model in my 3d software performing a cross section and applying a face color in it but when i load it in keyshot nothing happens.
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3 Answers

individual face color is possible in key shot . u must color the sectioned are in which software you are using and then import in keyshot . then the section area will we highlighted when you are coloring

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It sounds like you are setting it up correctly by doing the section and face color in your CAD software.

My guess is that Keyshot is not reading in the color data you've applied. What file format are you sending to Keyshot?

I had the same problem a few times so I either use parasolid, or the new version of step files, I forget the exact name, but older step files do not support colors.

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Thank all of your informations, were to usefull.
Have a nice day!

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