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Is it possible for GrabCad to list the number of members using each of the "Popular systems"? Or favorite system? Or take a survey? Or even add a different weekly survey and display those results? Would anyone else find this information helpful or interesting?

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Several similar topics already exist. Most of them are showing SW and Inventor are the most used applications. But that means nothing if 30 or 40 people from 80.000+ registered users tell what they use/prefer/like... Many users "flirt" with several programs and have biased opinions. I only use SolidWorks, both at home and work. That doesn't mean that I think that other apps are not good enough, it just means I'm getting all the tools to get the job done with this application. Tried Inventor (2010) and didn't find it as intuitive as SW2009 (at the time)... In the meantime, I have "polished" my skills in SW and trying to keep up with new options, tools and features coming with new releases. Some will say Catia is the best, and that might be true, but I use about 30 or 40% of SolidWorks' capabilities and buying a five times more expensive application would be a pure waste of money. So, I'm biased. Use a hammer for a small nail, use a big hammer for a big nail... You don't buy a V12 7 liter engine muscle car to go to work or take your kid to school and don't buy an excavator digger to plant a carrot... :)

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