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I want to make a solid that starts as a circle and ends like a trapezoid with curved edges (see the image attached). I want the solid to have a specific route as shown in the image, How can I define the imputs in the loft command?

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I am not 100% sure I understand this question Manolis
but if I do then I would put another rail in and loft it that way and that will give you the inputs that your require....
That is if I am thinking what I am thinking LoL'ss

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Hello Man I downloaded your part no extra rails just a small repair of random overlaping between the existing rails [On a new 2d sketch] and works PERFECT. Find the model in your folder I left free your rails to adjust it.

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Hi William, I was just going thru the GrabCAD library, and I came across a model for a "Crane Hook" by Tony Davies. I downloaded the model to check it out, the model seems to implement a lot of loft procedure for unusual shapes like what has been discussed. Anyway you might want to download it and take a look.

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Something like this you want to make? Let me know and i'll extend my explanation

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I don't think loft will work for this. Loft is more just a combination of extrude and taper wrapped into one command, its not really for what I think your trying to do here. You might look into some of the "surface" commands like possibly "sculpt", I don't have to much experience with the surface commands but it could be helpfull.

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So we are 4 people up for an Inventor group until now (when groups will be launched). That is good.

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so ..... you are making a hidraulic pump try to use a complete loft with all the section across the volute sometimes works using all the sections , or use the options in loft that says "merge tangent faces"

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