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Problems with loft option in Autodesk Inventor

By Kenan K. on 12 Jan 18:58 4 answers 1 comment

When I am trying to create a loft using two profile and two curves it sends me a message that says that a curve is not intersecting a profile. I dont understand it I drew all of it correct If anyone has any exp with this please reply.

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4 answers

  • Kenan K.
    Kenan K. almost 4 years ago

    Here this is the file but I do not know how to fix the loft problem if anyone can do it and send me the completed lofted crane hook I will be more then thankful to him.


    Pokusaj_kreiranja_kuke_u_Inventoru.ipt, 162 KB
  • Leo Kiviluoma
    Leo Kiviluoma over 3 years ago

    There where problems with intersections. Here is Quick and dirty fix. I suggest that You draw both rails (sketch1 and 11) again with splines to be sure that Your Coincident Constraint work precise.


    Pokusaj_kreiranja_kuke_u_Inventoru2.ipt, 701 KB
  • Joel JImenez
    Joel JImenez over 3 years ago

    I usually try the lock constraint when lofting, give it Shot

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