Making a single single cad part into different pieces In creo parametric.

Hlu everyone,
Is there anyway that I break a single part into different parts in creo parametric so that I could assemble these parts to make the whole again. Actually I want to break a single part into different components because this way they can easily be casted individually and later on assembled together. Thanks in advance.

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You can suppress features that define the parts you'd like to remove, leaving only the one part you want to keep, then save that as a new file for the remaining part, and repeat for all parts.

Or, you can export the file into your chosen filetype, say a .stp file, and then reimport it and delete the components you don't need for that particular part using the Import Data Doctor tool (IDD).

But, I usually just make extruded cuts to eliminate features I don't want, then save as a new part, and repeat for each part.

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You can save the assembly in any format (step, igs, parasolids, etc.)
While saving select option as surface. whole assembly will be saved as a single part.

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Regardless if Creo is the worst or not, most don't have options to switch.

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You can follow the steps mentioned below to create multiple parts using a single parent part:
1. Publish the solid surface of the parent part.
2. Create one of the child part files. Use "Merge / Inheritance" feature to insert the earlier published geometry.
3.Create relevant boundary curves / surfaces. Trim off the inherited surfaces using these curves / surfaces.
4. Solidify the remaining surfaces to create a solid body.
5. repeat these steps to create other child parts.

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In Catia there is body features. So you can split them into several parts. But in creo never heard. Creo is worst cad program.

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