Making a Star Model

Can someone make this part in Solidworks 2015 format or lower and upload it? I can easily make this part's geometry but the blueprint is confusing me a little. Such as how far should the tip of the star be away from the circle and the engrave part.

Here is the website with the .pdf files:

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In star2.pdf, it states a distance of 1.855, that is from point to point of a 5 pt star. As shown in my screenshot, the sketch is fully defined. The key is to defined the pentagon size first.

It is strange that it has a dimension at all. I would place the point on pentagon on the circle.

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For the engrave part, it is not very practical to be milled in its current definition but modeling it is certainly not hard at all.

I always to model only one section of half of a section if I can see I can circular pattern later.

Cut to 1/5 of the whole part, offset for path, use path to start a new plane, draw a circle on new plane, set to proper dimension then swept cut.

Circular pattern the other 4 bodies, combine, draw a circle and dimension it, place a point on circle and under the origin and set vertical relationship, circular pattern this point for reference on hole wizzard, hole wizzard.

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