mate door with hinge

how to mate the door with hinge and make both of them (hinge and door) move together with limited angele...

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Ideally you'd have a model which represents the hinge add to the assembly. Maybe it is already there? I did not see it.

Mates are done by picking model faces, or edges and slowly removing the degrees of free which need to be locked down. The end goal is to leave only the degree of freedom required for the part to move as desired.

A limit mate is available to "limit" the range of motion. In this case you might set a range of 0° - 90° for the door to move. Of course, depending on orientation, and direction, that might end up being something like -90° to -180°. Just try a value as a test.

Also, be sure to leave some clearance between the moving parts if this will be produced. "line to line" fits do not work out well in manufacturing.

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Limit angle, and the two coincident faces will do the trick, make sure that the hinge is flexible or else it will stay fixed.
I've done a similar assembly recently.

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Example hinge:
Folding Tabletop Drop Flap Hinge

Of course, you will have to select the right type of hinge for your design.
I start with a working hinge assembly with proper limit angles set. Then I mate to the furniture pieces. In my example I made one move using the Rotary Motor in a motion study. The piece with the motor is the door, oscillating the 90 degrees from open to shut. Be sure the rotary motor indicates proper opening action (see screenshot).

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If you are inserting a model of a hinge, you need to check two things to have it move.
1. make sure the hinge is an assembly file, and that all of the parts are properly mated.
2. When inserting an assembly into another assembly, you'll need to right click on the sub-assembly, choose properties, then enable the option to solve for motion based on the sub assembly mates. Otherwise the software will treat a sub assembly as a part. As Roger pointed out, this is the "Flexible" option.

I don't have a video in mind, but the tutorial and help file within solidworks cover the topics of limit makes, hinges, and solving for mates in sub-assemblies.

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Make the hinge axis then rotate the door as your desire angle. Then fillet or chamfer or round all edges which making obstacle between door and box.

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