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It seems I always get stuck at simple things.
I have a part as shown in the image in blue, I would like to have a complementary part to fit the other side without the need to re-model it.
Is there a way to do this without making another configuration or save as a different part, mirror all bodies and delete the old ones or using Mirror Part? I don't want it to show in the feature tree.
By the way, Mirror Components won't work for me as I need to move them independently.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi w.wolf
to create a mirrored or derived part:
1. in opened part document, click a model face or plane about which to mirror the part.
2. click "Insert",and "Mirror Part" (so a new part window appears. The Insert Part PropertyManager appears).
3. in the PropertyManager, select one or more items:
solid bodies, surface bodies, axes, planes, cosmetic Threads, absorbed sketches, unabsorbed sketches, custom properties, coordinate systems, model dimensions ...
4. if you want to independently edit the features of the mirrored part without affecting the original part, under "Link", click "Break link to original part". this is an optional future.
5. finally make sure mirrored part and click ok.

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yes there are some ways that i know without showing mirrored part in the future tree. first is in the part skect mirror...
and the second is between creating a copy and creating an opposite-hand version (A new document or new configuration is created.) so the geometry of the new component is mirrored; thus it is different from the seed component.

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This is the way I generally do it. Mirror the part about a plane within the part itself using the bodies to mirror option. Make sure they are disjointed when mirroring. Create a second configuration. For the first configuration simply suppress out the new body, and in the second configuration go into the solid bodies folder and delete the original body. This will add a body delete feature as opposed to simply blowing up your feature history.

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