Modelling bent grid

Could anyone give me some tips on modeling bent grid products? It would be great to “unbend” the wire and define the angle and length again.

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Sounds like you want the "Flex" tool it can be tricky but is pretty powerful. 1 tip is to start with the one of the outer most edges at the origin it will be easier to position the flex triad. You can then set trim plane 1 at 0,0,0 (x,y,z) and trim plane 2 wherever you wish the bending to stop. You also need to define a bend radius and an angle this will relate to the trim plane so you may need to do some math to adjust your trim plane correctly if you have a predetermined bend radius and angle. If you need to tweak later you can edit the flex feature.

-For drawings you can create another configuration and name it "UNBENT" and suppress the flex feature then you could show the flat pattern.

I've attached a SW10 file where I have bent a grid as well as a JPEG for reference, I know it's been a week but hopefully this is still helpful. Any questions don't hesitate to ask! Cheers.

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