Motion analysis in Solidworks

I have some confusion in this matter where I want something to rotate and if this thing rotates other object moves vertically.

is this possible in Solidworks?
if so how can I do it?

3 Answers

You could use a screw-mate to achieve that action if you wanted. I don't know the full layout of what you are trying to make, or the relationships the parts have to one-another but here are a few tutorials:

Another option could be rack and pinion. (?) possibly.

Yazılarak olmaz istediğini youtube arat.

you can download my bolt and nut model and see how does it works and how to apply such kinds of mates

Actually there will be Linear and rotatory motion in all motion software you can apply those for selected bodies to get what you required.

M16 Bolt and nut-3D printable

you can even follow my tutorials if required