Problems in Motion Analysis

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I am facing a problem of in Motion analysis in Solidworks, I don't know which constraints should I hold and which ones should I remove , when I apply a force, the part that should move linearly runs to infinity, now I get this error

The Initial Conditions displacement solution failed. Adams/Solver could
not determine the initial assembled position configuration of the model.
1)Try increasing the number of iterations for convergence. Current value: 25.
2)If redundant constraints are present try to eliminate as many as possible.
3)Make sure prescribed motions are consistent with other aspects of the
current model position.
4)Check to see if joints are inconsistent (contradictory); eliminate them
if so.
5)Check to see if parts are not too distant from an assembled configuration.
6)Check to see if GCONS have expressions that are singular at the current
system configuration. This can happen if a GCON's expression contains the
THETA or PITCH functions.

and don't know where to solve it

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I don't see the 3d contact feature in motion analysis.any know how to find or install this feature. Plz help.

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