Move origin in SolidWorks?

Is there a way to move the origin in SolidWorks? Some times it is easier to start a drawings in a certain place but it would be nice to have the (final) entire drawing orientated different place, or when downloading models from GrabCAD the origin and orientation of the model makes it hard to manipulate for rendering (such as aligning the floor if there are no flat planes to align properly to)

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2 Answers

For Parts: Insert, Features, Move/Copy. This command also has a rotate function. Move and rotate the body rather than the origin.

For assemblies: Select parts (in the tree) that are Fixed, right click and 'Float'. Rotate the assembly and mate to Planes.

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For assembly: Select part (in the FeatureManager Design tree) that is fixed, right click and 'Float'. 'Move Component' (Assebmbly) under the SmartMates is Free Drag, change it to XYZ Position or which ever your choice.

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