Moving objects to specific layer ?

Does anyone know how I can move objects to a specific layer with a click of a button?
I thought about making a lsp routine when I click a button and then select objects those objects
will be moved to the layer specified in the lsp.
I am aware of the Laymch command but it's still as many steps as selecting objects and using the layers pull down.

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You can window select your entire drawing, or hit Ctrl+A to select everything and then go to your Layers toolbar and pick a layer from the list box. This will move everything selected, to the layer you choose. The problem is if you have blocks in your drawing, the entities inside the blocks may hang on to the layers they are currently on. Therefore, you will not be able to PURGE those layers from your drawing. You will have to REFEDIT the blocks in order to change the layers that the entities are on.

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