Multiple profiles along helix

I'm new to Solidworks and I try to do some small device that will hold my mouse cord. I want to print it on 3d printer later.
I try to loft profiles along helix.
2 circles with different radius, and helix that changes radius and thread (sorry, if the names are wrong, but I've got Polish version of Solidworks...)
I've tried loft along path with center line, but then the thread doesn't change.
Maybe someone knows how to do it?

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1 Answer

2 profiles cannot be sweep. The profile must to be make after curves.To sweep convert those 2 helix each one in a different sketch. The profile must to be coincident with each 3d curves, and it is a good idea to make a meet-point with the curve where possible. So this is the difference between the curves that produces a different profile at the beginning and the end of a sweep.

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