Need help converting a part to sheet metal

I've got a complex part that I need to convert to sheet metal, so that I can get a flat pattern out of it. Once complete, the part will be scaled to 1/700 and used for a scale model kit. I need the flat pattern so that the part can be created using photoetched metal.

Part was created in SW2013, I've also included a Step file.

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2 Answers

Go the 'Surfaces' in the command manager toolbar area.
Pick 'Delete face'.
Delete all but one of the faces in each element (I know you have a solid but it's still made from surfaces).
Go the 'Sheet metal' in the command manager toolbar area.
Pick 'Convert to Sheet Metal'.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a try this morning, and it partially worked, but started giving me an error about having open edges, or something like that. It's a step in the right direction though, hopefully I can make that work.

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