not understanding this warning??

hi every one.. whenever I create a sketch in catia and after if I wanted to do padding or revolving one dialogue box will appear saying " the current in Work object isn't in a Body. the new solid feature is created after the last feature of the Partbody. "
what does this actually means???

thanks in advance...

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1 Answer

That message means the current Work Object is not a Body; it's probably a Geometric Set. This is just a warning message, and it can be ignored. CATIA will automatically change the Work Object to the Part Body when you add the Pad or Revolution.

If you do continue, the Part Design Pad or Revolution feature will be created in the Part Body, even though the parent Sketch is located in the Geometric Set.

The Sketch can be re-located later to be included in the Body with it's children solids. Or it can be re-located into a Geometric Set.

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