Parametric 3D Modeling

Please, I ve downloaded few powerful 3D models from modelled by astatus engineers and designers. Each of them were able to open in Revit Architecture. On exporting the files - 3D models, I used DWF file format so that I can extract quantities from it in Autodesk Quantity Takeoff.

My expectation could not work and i want to know why and how to fix them. Secondly, I use this models for a technical paper presentation with AACE International, if so how do i get the permission to your content.

My research paper is on "cost estimating using BIM"... I will appreciate any kind assistance in this direction.

Best regards

Reginald Nwachukwu

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3 Answers

I don’t know about the first part but as far as getting permissions..........
That’s a little hard,
All models here are free to use as you see fit.
However if you were to sell them, put your name to them as the designer,
Or just out right steal the design. That’s most definitely wrong. Most people here will let you use them just give credit where credit is due. Also if you use models, don’t forget to upload your own models as this is a sharing site.
better yet just ask the designer.

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I agree with Jeff, I would say that the models here can be used in this manner but I would speak (or send them a message) with the individuals that posted the specific model and note it in your works cited as to the author of the model and that you got it from GrabCAD.

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Many gratitudes to you Jeff & Stev. It worked. I will reference the works I used for my papers as instructed. And I hope to make the most of times here.

Once again, thanks a lot.

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