Piston Temps?

A friends engine with three runs on it. The Piston Seized at 9,875rpms in an Engine Designed for 10,300rpms, a Skidoo (54mm x 54mm) 345 Rotary Valve Mod Engine. Using 108 Octane Gas!

Is there a way to 3D Model the Piston to show what Temps it was seeing at these Rpm's?

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Based on a single image, I'd call this an impossible task.
If a ton of additional data were available, it would be a very difficult task.

Maybe someone with more simulation experience will add their input, but from my view, computer simulations are taking place in a specific environment in which many of the real world variables have been removed, or substituted with a simple value.

Speed, load, environment variables, power output, materials, wear, defects, lubrication quality, manufacturing tolerances... Plus so many more variables.
After many computer simulations using different variables it may be possible to paint a picture of what an average piston, in average conditions might encounter.
Recreating the specifics of this event may not be possible.

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I'm just looking for an Average Piston Temp at them Rpms. The Pistons were New with only (3) Drag Race Runs on it. 14.5CR, 50:1 Oil, I believe around 105hp, +20F outside, it's Water Cooled, 108 Race Gas. SPI Brand Pistons, never had any trouble with Elko Pistons.

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